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Aleksandra & Filip { Wedding Day }

Aleksandra & Filip { Wedding Day }

We would like to share some photos from our first Serbian Church Wedding. I have been asked to collaborate with “Uspomene Pisane Svetlom”, a very good photographer and a friend of mine from my home town Smederevo, and of course I said yes.

This great couple I met that day, Aleksandra and Filip, you were just amazing to work with, so friendly, full of love for each other and of course your cute little son Andrej.

Andrej had his christening that day as well and it was all just perfect. It’s been a while for me to be at a Serbian wedding and it was very interesting, didn’t really know what to expect and I was remembering all the traditions as the day progressed. At the end… the whole day was perfectly amazing! I enjoyed every moment there, very happy that I was a part of their special day.

Aleksandra and Filip are extremely nice people, I didn’t know them before that day, but at the end of their wedding I felt like I was their friend already.

Thank you Aleksandra and Filip!

Here are some of my photos of your special day, I hope you all like it.

Pozdrav, Milos

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